As I love Okinawa, Okinawa's honeymoon, which was supposed to be cheaper o...

As I love Okinawa, Okinawa's honeymoon, which was supposed to be cheaper overseas, was also in Okinawa, where the scenery and nature are quite different from the mainland. The trick to enjoy Okinawa ... I borrow rent a car and I am going around a little. Then, there are really many things that you can experience the scenery and nature that is not on the guidebook. Sudden sea cucumber and hermit crab are regular on the coast where there is no name which descended. There are no garbage or seaweeds at all, when you notice, you can see beautiful sunsets that can not be expressed in words that seems to have only been seen in pictures. I found a petit mangrove behind an elementary school. Because the topography is completely different from Honshu, even if we are driving without a purpose, I think whether one road does not even have a pleasant signal alone, I will come across a forest that I can not see in Honshu, , I can see the open cane fields, it is really fun. There are lots of lane change, driving is also pretty rough Okinawa drivers are enjoyable to go while being overwhelmed and food is also usually delicious, so go into a pub where only locals go and enjoy local cuisine It will be a nice experience for you, and clerks and customers talk to unusual tourists, so you can listen to various stories! That land where there is no need for a clock, a free time flows, is a land I'd definitely visit once in a few years.

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