Summer vacation soon.

Summer vacation soon. Today, I had lunch with my friends for the first time in a while, but where will you go on a topic of that time, during summer vacation? Is it? was. Mr. I has already been decided, at the campground in Nagano it is a family and it is a barbecue. Nagano will be cool. . Well, my recommendation is Tengoku Kochi. Is it possible to endure the heat in Shikoku in the summer? Is it? Perhaps I think, rather hot food is hot when it's hot, it's hot in this hot weather. . No, in Kochi, there is a cool, cool tourist spot recommended for summer. That is Ryukun-dong. A cave in a limestone cave? There is endless, from the moment of entering it is a different world from the outside. I will walk down the dark cave stone wrapped in cool air. While looking at beautiful rocks and stones that can be said as a work of art that nature created over a long period of time, we proceeded through the dripping way of the water, feeling like indie Jones. Please be careful with your feet so easy to slide! It seems to be particularly hot this summer. It is nice to have such a hot weather!

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